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Monday, May 23, 2011

Tip: Maximizing Google Android's Search Function

Maximizing Google Android's Search Function

For persons who are constantly doing search on Android phone of a fair amount, these tip can help to find and navigate to things with less hassle. Yes, you can optimizing the search function on your Android powered devices. Search button is one of the most powerful buttons on an Android phone.

If you aren’t using search regularly, perhaps you don’t know what can be given by pressing magnifying glass button on Android devices home screen. A lot of people don’t go kissing around in the settings of the search button. This tip can do better search on Android gadget by involving some choices to your search. This tweak is useful to give the Android search button more power.

Optimizing Android Search Settings
Press the Android search button and look for the Google icon at the top. This step is about how you can change the Android search acts. You can find a group of different applications here. By default, when you do install an applications to your Android device, you can't search these apps. You must go to the settings and allow them to be searched.

Here are steps to add new applications to your Android device's search screen:

1) Tap the search button,
2) Tap the menu button,
3) Select search settings,
4) Select the searchable items,
5) Check the boxes for the applications
    that you want to search with.

Now when you going back into your Android search screen by tapping the magnifying glass button, then tap the Google logo next to the search bar, you will see the applications you've selected are available to search now.

One of the search tool app for Android devices is Searchify. You can freely install this application on your Android powered devices.


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