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Monday, May 23, 2011

Android App: Adds Functionality to Search Button With Searchify

Add Functionality to Android Search Button With Searchify
Searchify is an Android application that can adds the functionality to the Google Android's search button. This Android app lets you to search certain web pages and search Google using shortcuts in front of your search term. Searchify are essentially search operators similar to the operators for search engines.

Searchify: Free Android App
Searchify’s keyword search feature provides a handy shortcut for searching on other internet sites. Several of the shortcuts come with Searchify. Below are couple of the built-in terms to use before your search term:

- 'twt' will search twitter for user query,
- 'slang' in front of search keyword will take to results in the urban dictionary,
- 'dict' to search Google Dictionary,
- 'meta' to search Metacritic,
- 'imdb' to search IMDb.

You can add your own custom ones for any sites you want.

To add your own, go to Searchify settings, bring up the menu, and select 'Add new item'. Then you’ll have to enter the search URL you want the shortcut to link to, with '%s' where you want the search term to go. From then on, you'll be able to quickly pull up those searches right from your home screen, or the push from a button.

Searchify: Free Android App Translate Feature
The Searchify Android free app not only gives you keyword search powers, but also some other neat search shortcut tricks. This app can bring more useful results; you'll be able to use search bar to quickly convert units, search and add Google calendar entries, pull off basic math, translation, calculation, wikipedia search and a few other neat shortcuts.

To activate Searchify application for Android, install the app from Android market.


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