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Monday, May 16, 2011

Free App: Winamp Audio Player for Android

Winamp for Android App Main Interface
Now with Winamp, you can wirelessly sync your music library over Wi-Fi connection, import iTunes library to Android and stream over 40,000 internet radio stations with the integrated SHOUTcast Radio directory (Android 2.2 & above).

It also offers a complete media management solution by seamlessly syncing with the Winamp desktop library. In addition to high quality playback and persistent player controls, Winamp for Android also offers wireless sync with Winamp Desktop (Winamp 5.59 beta required). Standard USB syncing also available.

The latest release of Winamp for Android features a completely redesigned Home screen, Now Playing screen, and lock-screen player. You can also download free music, browse songs by genre, swipe album art to change tracks, and use Android's "listen to" voice action to playback music in Winamp. Winamp also added additional language support.

From the Winamp for Android Home screen, you can now have access to Free Music. You can stream songs individually and if you like them, download them directly to your Android device.

Winamp for Android Free App Advanced Screen

Here are the basic features on the Winamp for Android application:

- Mobilize the Library
Winamp offers a complete Android media management solution, that seamlessly syncs with Winamp desktop library (USB or Wi-Fi).

- Wireless Desktop Sync
No need to tie Android phone down. Enable Wi-Fi sync and leave the cable behind. Now the playlists are also synced wirelessly.

- SHOUTcast Radio
Extend our listening experience beyond own library. Search, Favorite and play over 40,000 internet radio stations.

- Android Widget Players & Shortcuts
Now in addition to the standard widget there is a new smaller 4x1 widget. It can also add favorite playlists to Android home screen, as well as enable playback control from the lock-screen.

- Now Playing
Displays song info, album art and more. Press and hold on the song info to interact with other apps like Pandora, YouTube and the Amazon MP3 Store (requires that these additional apps are installed on Android device). Get Artist information like bios, pictures, and more by clicking on the info icon.

- Persistent Player Controls
Intuitive interface with player controls that are always available. Quickly pause, change tracks, manage play queue, see what's playing and access the Winamp Home screen.

- Play Queue Management
The play queue is a temporary track listing that allows easy to see what's playing for next, jump ahead or change the order of tracks in the queue. It then can be saved as a playlist.

- Scrobbling
Supports scrobbling with the Last.fm application installed on Android device. It can capture all of mobile listening history in real time.

- Language Support
It supports English, French, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish & Turkish. More to come.

Download from here, or use the QR code below:
Winamp for Android free app download


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