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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 Free Media Apps: Play and Record Radio Stream on Android

No QR: Free App to Play and Record Radio Stream on Android
While listen to the online FM radio channels on Android phone, sometimes we found easy-listening musics and want to listen later. In Android Market, there are some radio player but none of them are able to record the songs. Resco Radio Player and Antropia Radio is a different Radio application, that able to records anythings.

One other important thing for users,-than that both radio apps has the ability to record radio stream broadcasts-, is that both of them are free applications.

1. Free Resco Radio Player and Recorder App for Android

Resco Radio application is an internet radio player and recorder for Android that provide endless streaming ability on online radio broadcast. This app is perfect for people whose life with radio at their fingertips.

Using this radio player app, you can quickly tune in your favorite channel, choose from thousands of internet radio streams (supports shoutcast/icecast). Resco Radio also provides quick search tool to find a radio station, or display lyrics of the currently played song.

The most distinct and become advantages of the application is it's ability to records favorite radio broadcast and let yourself be woken up by a favorite radio station. The widget feature allows user to play the internet radio stations right from Android home screen.

Free Resco Radio Player and Recorder App Interface

Features of Resco Radio Player free application version are:
• User friendly interface,
• Large internet radio station database,
• Users are able to add own streams to the database,
• Lyrics search when song name is available,
• Search video on YouTube when song name is available,
• Internet radio recording for mp3,
• Date scheduler and Alarm clock,
• Sleep timer for the app,
• Supports icecast and shoutcast,
• Stream selection
• Quick search using Search button within the app.

The full version of Resco Radio Player has featured;
• Supports mms streams,
• Home screen widgets for ease access,
• No advertising.

2. Free Antropia Radio Player and Recorder App for Android

The Antropia Player is an advanced media player for Android powered devices.

This free Android application supports:
• Playing audio/video files from local device's storage,
• Playing and saving/records internet radio streams.

Free Antropia Radio Player-Recorder App Android Interface

Latest version of Antropia Radio App is 2.0. It was complete redesigned with carries out many features and improvements.

Antropia will have it's own server as a media server, that shares media files throughout Antropia Player. With Antropia Server, users can also use home PC as a media server, that provides it's local media files over the WLAN and/or Internet to the Android device.

Actually, Now Antropia Server is under construction.

Download from Android Market:
- Resco Radio Free App
- Free Antropia Radio

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