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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

9 HD Racing Games plus Need for Speed 3D for Android (Part 1)

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You know, Android platform can be a Nintendo DS or Playstation knockoff. With awesome 3D and HD graphic abilities, Android devices could giving best gaming experiences for it's users. Many 3D/HD racing game apps on Androids could be proof for this. Here are listed 10 HD/3D racing games for Android both paid or free full version.

All the download links for these HD games are provided at the bottom of this post.

1. Need for Speed Shift 3D for Android

All of you certainly knows that Need for Speed (NFS) is a very popular game on the desktop PC. This game has long been available. Currently, Need for Speed Shift has been available for Android powered devices.

This 3D game play realistic sound and animation on the device. With Need for Speed™ Shift game, you could driving world’s fastest cars and enjoying some highest performance racing actions ever seen within Android device. There are 20 car models on the game; includes Lamborghini Gallardo, Pagani Zonda and BMW M3 GT2.

Playing this game, you'll getting experience into sweeping skylines of 18 tracks in inspiring international locations (such as London, Chicago, Tokyo) at day or night driving. Also see and feel squealing tires, crunching collisions, and roaring engines while getting speed and more speed.

Need for Speed Shift Full 3D Game for Android

Other Need for Speed Shift features;
- Upgrade and customize; fine tune performance with top speed,
  tires, acceleration, suspension, and nitro-boost upgrades.
- Add custom details like rims, spoilers, body kits and specialized
  paint jobs.
- Jumps into quick race,
- Dominate the circuit in career mode,
- 3 difficulty level (rookie, pro, veteran),
- Track evolution performance with player profile.

This game app requires Android OS 1.6 or above.

2. Free Drag Racing Game (High Rated) for Android

Drag Racing is the most addictive game with realistic HD/3D graphic and realistic controls. More than 50 car models are available for races. This is a very addictive drag racing game that updated regularly with many new features.

Every day was added on average 100 thousand of new players. Yes, you can makes online challenge with other racers. You can also does performance upgrades and tune car.

Free High Rated Drag Racing Game: Android's Interface

Drag Racing Free Game featured a very realistic racing environment.
- Blue/green lights on dashboard helps launch and shift at
  the right time,
- Can learn how to drive properly, thus you can ignore the lights
  and find own winning strategies,
- If too much wheel-spin, you are not going anywhere,
- Nitrous-boost is more effective on underpowered car with lots grip.
- Crucial timing on controlling.

Tactical features;
- Buy and upgrades a car,
- The more a car costs, the tougher opposition faced on both offline
  and online races,
- Keep car cost under level cap to get an advantage,
- Adjusting gear ratios is costly, but lets you achieve times that are
  impossible on stock settings,
- Vibration (enabled via Settings menu).
- Race against beginner/amateur AI to get quick cash and build a car,
- Go online and race against others to earn maximum cash/RP,
- If car isn't ready for online races, earn some cash in Drivers Battle,
- Defeat bosses and unlock achievements for extra RP,
- Ultimate challenge with race against top players in Pro League.

This awesome free HD game requires Android 1.6 or later.

3. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD and Free Asphalt 5 HD Game

Get your adrenaline pumping for the newest edition of the Asphalt race game series for Android devices. You can discover 42 cars and bikes from world-class manufacturers for the races. Also, tune vehicle before tearing up the streets of L.A., Tokyo and other locations that rendered in HD graphic animations. There are available 11 different leagues with 55 events and online/local multiplayer for up to 6 players.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD Game: Android's Interface
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD Game for Android
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD is the successor to awesome Free 3D Racer Asphalt 5 game. There are several different race types, cash to collect and bonus goals to achieve with each track. As stated you race through 11 different leagues in cities like L.A., Tokyo, the Bahamas, New York, Moscow, and more. There are 42 of the sweetest sports luxury cars and bikes that look like a duPont Registry auto listing for you unlock and earn, buy and tune up for racing. There are three racing types within the game which consist of Career, Quick Race and Multiplayer.

Free Asphalt 5 HD Game Interface on Android's
Free Asphalt 5 HD Game for Android
Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD has featured more stunt mayhem than a Michael Bay movie. From bumping to wipe-out collisions, split decision shortcut turns into drifting, from small jumps to leaping through warehouses and over bridges; this game is action packed.

Features of the game;
- These two games are one of the best 3D race car games for Android,
- Fast-paced game, city mayhem, cause of adrenaline rushing on
  first-person racer,
- The luscious 3D graphics effects, sound effects and sound tracks
  are of best quality that comparable to portable gaming console,
- Multi-player both online or local (up to 6 players on Wi-Fi),
- Cross platform when online (Android or iPhone),
- Organize a race or join one with Gameloft account,
- Unlockable levels and upgrades, also cars and bikes,
- Some of the race cars and bikes are based on actual vehicles,
- 'Asphalt Academy' allows to set records to beat and record progress,
- Global leaderboard with breakdown by race type.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD is compatible for the following devices; HTC ADR6350 (Incredible 2, Vivo), HTC Desire HD (Ace), HTC Desire Z (G2, Vision), HTC Evo Shift 4G, HTC Inspire 4G, HTC MyTouch 4G (myTouch HD), HTC Thunderbolt 4G, LG P990 Optimus 2X (Star), LG P999 (Star, G2x), Motorola A955 (Droid 2), Motorola A956 Droid II World Edition, Motorola Cliq 2 (MB611), Motorola Droid X, Nexus S 4G, Samsung Google Nexus S (GT-i9020, i9023), Samsung GT-i9000 (Galaxy S, i9000M, i9000B, i9000T), Samsung GT-P1000 (Galaxy Tab, P1000R, P1000T, P1000M, P1000N, P1000L), Samsung SC-02B (Galaxy S), Samsung SCH-i400 (Continuum), Samsung SCH-i500 (Fascinate, Galaxy S), Samsung SCH-i800 (Galaxy Tab), Samsung SGH-i896, Samsung SGH-i897 (Galaxy S, Captivate), Samsung SGH-T849 (Galaxy Tab), Samsung SGH-T959 (Vibrant), Samsung Galaxy S 4G (Vibrant 4G), Samsung SPH-D700 (Epic 4G), Samsung SPH-P100 (Galaxy Tab), Samsung SC-01C (galaxy tab), Sony-Ericsson SO-01C.

Asphalt 6 Adrenalin HD game requires Android 2.0 or above, while Free Asphalt 5 HD Race has it minimal requirements as Android OS 1.6.

4. Reckless Racing Game App for Android

This dirt road racing game app is an Android Market's Editor choice. Reckless Racing Game offers a performance intensive game.

Reckless Racing blends the finest top-down view of racer style with stunning graphics. Slip, skid, and slide through down and dirty race-tracks with realtime precision controls. You can aslo challenge friends in online multiplayer

Reckless Racing Game App: Android Market's Editor Choice

The remarkable visual graphic power of the Reckless Racing game for Android puts it's player in the center of Dixie, where they will encounter wonderful detailed backroad tracks. Dirt track or asphalt, truck or rally car player; makes a choice and then take it to the limit. You can learn the basic techniques and choose a driving control from it varieties.

Reckless Racing Game App for Android has featured;
- Ability to adapt your race skills and take on an outrageous cast of
- Supports online multiplayer,
- Post best times on online leaderboards to show racing ability to
  the world,
- Trade ghost races with players from all over the world,
- Built in chat functionality,
- 3 level progress (Bronze, Silver and Gold difficulty levels),
- 3 different mode (Dirt Rally, Hot Lap time trial, or Delivery time trial)
- Beat other drivers or beat the clock.

Reckless Racing HD game requires Android 1.5 or above to run.

5. Speed Forge 3D Game

Android driving games Speed Forge 3D is a car battle game, with weapons. Featuring three difficulty levels, that are Easy and Normal modes, both quite straightforward to progress. While difficult level of the tougher mode is stacked a little too hard.

Stories tell that it has been 60 years since the colonization. In an inhospitable Red Planet, there are thousands of mines and factories have sprung up across miles of the Planet. Crimes is rampant and time is abundant. The citizens also looking for some entertainment due to industries was prospered and leading to vast settlements of over half a million inhabitants.

Speed Forge 3D game for Android storied about heavy duty hover vehicles, that normally used in mines, now seen on organized illegal races at the abandoned factories or at the dark Marsian alleys. The rock crushing explosive materials previously used in these machines now serve a different purpose; in the vehicles battles.

Speed Forge 3D Car Battle Game on Android's

Important Speed Forge 3D game features:
- Full 3D graphics,
- Realistic physic simulation,
- 6 different tracks,
- 3 vehicles (with different physical properties),
- Weaponry: mines and homing rockets
- Sensitivity options
- 2 acceleration mode (auto and by phone tilt)
- 3 Difficulty levels

It is recommended to turn off music to increase game performance.

This Android car battle game requires firmware OS 1.5 or above.

Downloads the Games from Android Market:
- Need for Speed Shift 3D,
- Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD and Free Asphalt 5 HD Game,
- Free High Rated Drag Racing Game,
- Reckless Racing Game,
- Speed Forge 3D Game for Android.

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