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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Free Adobe Photoshop Mobile App for Android and iOS

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Popular desktop application for image editing, Adobe Photoshop, now available for high end mobile device like iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android's. Photoshop Express is the free version that also offers remarkable abilities; that are inherits from it's desktop version.

Adobe Photoshop Express free application for mobile offers user to use simple gestures to does quick-edit and share photos from any mobile device. Photos and videos library placed right in the users palm, without wasting device's storage space. It's respects device's storage as a valuable property.

Yes, it's about free cloud storage for your photos offered by Adobe. All you need to do is create a free Photoshop.com online-account to upload photos. You'll get 2 Gb of photos and videos online storage. This space can be accessed from anywhere on the world, of course using internet connection.

Photoshop Express free app for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android device has featured many powerful ability. Following here are general features of Free Photoshop Express application;

Free Adobe Photoshop Express for Android: An Interface

✓ Ease editing of image creatively;
• Fast to fix any photos; express image cropping, rotate,
  straighten, flip, and adjusting color.
• With any effects with filters provided, you'll have enhanced
  eye-catching image,
• Very easy to add borders and given polished look into any photos.

✓ Quickly shares photos;
• Direct email photos to others,
• Directly post photos into Photoshop account, Facebook album
  and Twitter picture (Twitpic) with just one tap.

✓ Doing photo backup easily;
• Uploads and stores mobile photos into free Photoshop.com
  online account,
• Automatically sync any pictures between mobile device and
  Photoshop.com online library and having the exactly same
  photos while on the go.

Free Photoshop Express for iOS: iPhone (not iPad) Interface

Following here are additional awesome features of Photoshop Express Free application for iOS Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch);

✓ Takes image with smooth shoot;
• Continuous and rapid shoot from within the application;
• Switch to other applications and then back to Photoshop
  again without having initial start again (supported by
  multitasking in iOS 4.x or above),
• Auto Timer from Adobe Camera Pack feature can be used
  to get best timing photos or to ensure a steady shots,
• Other Adobe Camera Pack feature using Auto Review to
  get quick look at photo before the action passed.

✓ Additional editting feature;
• Adobe Camera Pack feature also uses Remove Noise to
  smooth out any grain or speckle due to camera shots.

Of course, Adobe Photoshop Express Free mobile App for Android, iPhone, iPod or iPad device is a must have application.

- Free Photoshop for iOS (iPhone, iPad),
- Free Photoshop for Android.

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