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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ColorNote Notepad: Free Note Editing App for Android

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Color Note is a free notepad app for Android devices which gives a better note editing experience. The app gives a quick and simple notepad editing experience when write email, message, notes, shopping lists and to do lists. Color Note makes taking a note easier than any other notepad apps.

Input Interface on ColorNote Notepad Free Note Editing App for Android

Color Note notepad featured two basic note taking formats, a lined-paper styled text option and a traditional checklist option. Add as many as you want to your master list, which appears on the app's home screen each time the program opens. This list may be viewed in traditional ascending order, in a grid format, or by the color of the note.

Colorized Lists and Sorting Order on ColorNote Notepad Free App for Android

ColorNote Notepad app features are;

- Organize notes by different color,
- Organize schedule using ColorNote calendar,
- Check-list for to do and shopping list,
- Password lock/unlock to a note,
- Protect notes by passphrase,
- Make sticky note widget,
- Backup notes and secured to SD Card storage,
- Reminder on Android status bar,
- Powerful reminder: time alarm, all day or repetition,
- Search for notes,
- Supports ColorDict Add-on,
- Quick memo/notes creation,
- List or grid view,
- Wiki link: [[Title]]
- Share notes using email, SMS, online bookmarks or Twitter,
- Color can be used to categorize notes.

Manage List and Archive on ColorNote Notepad Editing App for Android

ColorNote can performing as a simple word processing application; the entered text allowing many characters that willing to type with Android device's virtual or real keyboard. Once saved, it can be edited and then share, delete, check off or set a reminder using phone's menu button. A mark on the main menu appears when checking off a text note; that is a slash through the title.

On making a To Do List, by using checklist mode, many items can be added as you'd like and then move the order around with activate up/down buttons in the edit mode. It then can be share/use easily via e-mail where it will be posted as text (not attachment). It can also be posted to any favorite social networking sites or messaging services.

Note search can be performed using ColorNote's home screen and also to customized sort option that reorganizes lists (alphabetically, modified time, color or by the reminder time). Each note may be given a customized time and date reminder that interacts with the phone system, then dock the note in the device's OS toolbar for a constant reminder or quick reference.

When finished using the ColorNote Notepad app, an automatic save command preserves individual note before return to the ColorNote's home-screen.

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