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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Download Torrents On iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreaking

QR Code: Download Torrents On iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreaking
There are no one of bit torrent client downloader app provided at Apple AppStore. Apple never allow any bit torrent application to enter their online outlet. However, there is a way to doing torrent downloads on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod).

One of the iOS application that can be used to download files using torrent is Filer. Filer is a unique application for Apple iOS devices that lets you manage, view, and share your online files. You'll always have your files on the hand while on the go when you do have a network connection. On torrent downloading, this application applies such a download manager. You can also use other download manager applications for iOS devices.

To do a torrent download, you just need a Filer Lite; a free version of Filer application. The free version of Filer, of course, has it limit-ability. If you wants to store more than 7 files on your iOS device, you must have the full version of Filer application. Just install Filer application on your Apple iOS powered device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad).

The second steps you must did is having an account on www.torrific.com. Torrific is a kind of downloads that convert torrents into direct file URL to download from the web. No torrent client software needed to install. It's free. You must provide a real email address on creating Torrific account. You'll need this email address later.

Torrific Website on Apple Iphone

After the two steps above successfully implemented, open iOS browser from the devices. From the browser, locate the torrent file you want to download and copy its URL. After the torrent's URL was copied, login into your Torrific account within the browser. Then paste the torrent URL into the text field on Torrific page and tap the Get button.

Another screen then appears. Make sure to getting the real file. If the file you expected is already matched, tap Initiate BitTorrent Transmission. After this step, Torrific will transfer the files on the torrent into their servers. This transfer will continue to run until the entire file is successfully obtained, even if you turn off your device and leave the browser. Once the file is successfully obtained by Torrific (with background tramsfer), they will send the direct download URL into your email address.

Torrific Website: Torrent Confirmation on iPhone

From your Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad), open the mail already sent to you, then copy the direct download link. Open your Filer app and go to the direct download link. The file download should begin automatically.

Filer File Downloads on iPhone

You can also doing this download using other download manager such as a free Download Manager Lite.

Filer requirements: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 3.0 or later.

Permalink:  Download Torrents On iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreaking

Permalink: Download Torrents On iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreaking


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