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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Free Endomondo App: Workout With Blackberry Device

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'Endo' is short for endorphins; natural substances released during sports. In Esperanto, 'mondo' means world. So, Endomondo is world of endorphins. Endomondo.com is sports community, based on free real time GPS tracking of cycling, walking, skiing or other moving sports. This free app bring Blackberry or other mobile devices (e.g. iPhone) on the track and get a training log.

By carrying free Endomondo app on the device, any sports involving movement across a distance will brings more fun and gives an exceptional experience. While Endomondo.com is the online place where you automatically track all sports data and monitor sports performance over time, the free application give it all in your hands. Endomondo free app for Blackberry device is like a sport assistant for you.

At Endomondo.com you could meet like minded friends, to get inspired by them or even challenge them and follow their activities in real time. It's about giving choices for you; whether just following your personal achievements or whether you wish to place yourself in a larger community of same sports partners that challenge and support each other.

Free Endomondo Workout Applications for BB Interface

Endomondo free application also provides musics integration that allows any users to play favorite musics playlist. So, you can choose a music which is fits your workout or sport type.

You will get the most fun with Endomondo app if you have a mobile phone with GPS feature. Whenever you go running, roller skating, cycling, kayaking or other move-across sports, bring your Blackberry device or other mobile phones supported. Turn on the free Endomondo Sports Tracker app on start. At the end of workout, taps stop button on the phone. You'll get your sport track is automatically uploaded to your profile at Endomondo.com.

The statistic of sports/workout performed can be seen directly on the handy phone device. You can also log in to web profile to see the latest workout including a map, distance, pace, end time and split times and soon. In addition, Endomondo offers a wide range of services for free, that are:

- Keep a complete training log for all user distance-related sports,
- Find new friends based on location or sport types,
- Challenge friends who cycling the fastest on 10 km or who runs
  most miles within a week,
- Keep track of what sports has been doing by friends,
- Make competitions with friend in any events,
- Make and/or join any sport teams with particular friends,
- Get inspired by others route or draw own routes.

Download free Endomondo application here.

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