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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tips: 4 Ways to Speed Up Blackberry Processes

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If you feel the longer you use a Blackberry device, it also feels slower, 4 (four) simple tips (or tricks) below are very useful to speed up your Blackberry system on loading or processing applications. It will make your Blackberry system run more fast.

✓ Blackberry Speed-Up Trick number One

Do the following orders;
- Press ALT key on Blackberry home screen,
- Hold down the ALT key then type LGLG,
- New window will appear; its containing Blackberry activity log,
- Press the Menu button (Blackberry logo), then select Clear Log,
- Exit. You could feel the speed up of the Blackberry system
  that previously had been slow.

Blackberry Clear Log Windows to Speed Up

✓ Blackberry Speed-Up Trick number Two

Make sure there are not too many applications running. Press the Blackberry logo button (Menu) in a few seconds. You will see a list of running applications. Otherwise, you can press Alt + Escape button to see the applications that are run on the Blackberry device. Kill unused running applications; go tap on the appropriate running application, press the Blackberry logo button and select Close.

Blackberry Task Manager Interface: Want Speed Up?

✓ Blackberry Speed-Up Trick number Three

Use the regular Blackberry Theme, don't a heavy one. Custom Blackberry Theme is often weighed heavily on Blackberry OS system memory. In the consequence using a custom Blackberry theme can slow down the running system. Besides, do the cleaning on Blackberry browser cache periodically.

✓ Blackberry Speed-Up Trick number Four

Use a memory tuning utility. There a many utilities can be used to maximize RAM on Blackberry device, for example Memory Up RAM Booster.
Memory Up RAM Booster Tool for Blackberry
Memory Up RAM Booster Tool on Blackberry Device
With tips/tricks mentioned above, your Blackberry device will work fast and run more smoothly.

Permalink: Tips: 4 Ways to Speed Up Blackberry Processes

Permalink: Tips: 4 Ways to Speed Up Blackberry Processes


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