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Monday, May 23, 2011

Blackberry Application: MemoryUp RAM Booster Tool

Blackberry Application: MemoryUp RAM Booster Tool
A mobile device like Blackberry has it's performance that is limited by its resources, especially memory or RAM. A common problem faced by vast mobile users is the insufficient working memory to support multiple concurrently running applications. The insufficient memory would cause system slowdown, application failures, or even system crashes.

Mobile RAM optimization enhances cell phone's performance by making more memory available for both applications and the mobile system. As testified by thousands of users worldwide, MemoryUp Pro can effectively tackle phone memory and BlackBerry memory shortage problems, and substantially improve system stability and application performance.

MemoryUp RAM Booster Blackberry application developed by eMobiStudio. This app is a powerful Java Virtual Machine (JVM) management and RAM boosting for Blackberry (and other J2ME supported) smartphones. It can takes control of JVM for each BlackBerry system, then smartly analyze running J2ME programs. By taking control of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) of mobile systems, MemoryUp app frees system resources and reclaims unused RAM for better use.

MemoryUp RAM Booster Blackberry Application Tool

This Blackberry application is compatible to; Blackberry 7520, 7100X, 8310, 8703e, 7100g, 7750, 7230, 8830, 8700c, 7130g, 7250, 7100T, 8820, 8705g, 7105t, 7780, 6720, Curve 8300, 8700g, 7130v, 7280, 7100V, Pearl 8120, 7100R, 7130e, Pearl 8100, 7290, 8707g, 8700r, 7100i, 7510, 7730, 7210, 8707v, 7130c.

Here are some of the great features of MemoryUp Pro Blackberry aplication:

• Real-time Blackberry memory status report & monitor,
• Setting the performance target,
• One-click quick memory boosting,
• Background auto-boosting,
• Crash protection,
• Basic and Advance settings at users choice
• Warning/auto-recovering RAM when under preset value,
• Startup boost (when MemoryUp Pro is launched),
• Advanced boost cell features (force system to use large cache, prohibit kernel from disk swapping, auto-allocate critical threads, auto-boost when system's idle, etc),
• Multiple language support.

The Demo version has all the features of the Full version except for the following:

• Full function,
• Limited only to 30 times of usage.

There is also provided a lite free version of this MemoryUp Blackberry/BB App.

Download demo here or free version.                                      Permalink

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