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Monday, April 18, 2011

Tips: Downgrade Blackberry App World

RIM Blackberry has advised users to upgrade version of the App World on their mobile phones. But some users find errors or feel annoyed with having to fill BlackBerry ID username and password on every download and have downgrade App World to the previous versions.

First important thing is that you must remove any versions of App World from your blackberry phone.

1. Download BBSAK (Blackberry Swiss Army Knife) and install it,
2. Get App World last version you want to downgrade to,
3. Connect the phone to the USB port at the computer and open BBSAK,
4. In BBSAK navigate to Modify CODs then to Install CODs,
5. From the opened window select all 3 files from the App World .rar folder and click open,
6. BBSAK will tell you that the COD files where installed successfully and the phone will reboot.

Downgrade Blackberry App World
Note: If the App World icon don't show up after rebooting follow these steps:

1. Check if BBSAK installed the app by going into Application Management and search for it,
2. Open Blackberry Desktop Software and head to Applications,
3. Scroll down and find the App World, you should see a + (Plus) sign next to it , press it & wait for it to be installed,
4. After installation the device will reboot & App World will be shown & working 100 %.

This method will work for any other old versions of App World but you have to find them. But, use at your own risk.


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