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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Permanenly Unlock iPhone Without Jailbreak

That is a tool called Pwnage tool that can be used to jailbreak an Apple iOS devices. Then the Windows version of it also emerged from iPhone Dev-team, named Redsn0w (latest version is 0.9.6). Is there any other way to unlock the iOS powered devices?

Unlock iPhone Without Jailbreak

Many site offers jailbreak service for iPhone, iPod or iPad with an expensive price. All uses the same method using the Pwnage tool. But Cut Your Sim (CYS), claims to have a new trick that is very different. They said that it's a permanent solution, natural and will not make the iPhone warranty expire.

The technology site called Boy Genius Report (BGR) conducted the first test on it magic tricks. As a result, BGR ensure that the results obtained are exactly same as that company advertised. This is very satisfying.

The method is using a special equipment to cut the SIM card safely. So the size of the SIM card is smaller and become a micro SIM. "We make sure the service was perfect. You no longer need to Jailbreak", said BGR.

CYS says, this service will not affect the status of warranty because this is an officiall service for unlocking the iPhone (iOS ddevices). On the other side, Apple has so far not responded about the latest exploits in these devices.

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