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Sunday, May 1, 2011

TextFreek: Send Free SMS in Apple, Android and Blackberry

TextFreek is an unlimited texting tool provided for all three mobile platform (Apple, Android and Blackberry). This free application developed by an Australian Company. Initially this free app was developed for Apple platform only.

TextFreek Free SMS | Applications, Tips, Tricks, News Apple, Android, Blackberry

On iPhone, this free tool can be installed without jailbreak. The graphical interface of TextFreek is very familiar and clearly shot. This freeware tool turn inspired from the native Messages application that will allow to enter immediately into the live action. Then you can send free messages to your friends using this convenient service.

TextFreek provides with fast registration. All that you must have to do are just enter your telephone number, then specify the country from which you want to send your free SMS. The last, type the name of your device. Done, then you can easily access the application and makes any text messages.

With this free tool, you can text free SMS anywhere worldwide for free of cost. The messages that you can send are unlimited. The only catch for TextFreek is that the person you want to send SMS to must also has TextFreek application installed on their hand-held.

To perform it's function, TextFreek requires an internet data connection (WiFi/GPRS/EDGE/3G). Using this Internet data connection usually doesn't incur additional charges. However, some providers do charge for data usage (depending upon pricing plan). As an indication, 1 MB is enough to send and receive around 1,000 typical messages.

TextFreek App for iPhone
TextFreek App for Android
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