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Monday, May 16, 2011

LazyDroid: Controls Android Phone from Web Browser

Remote Access Android Phone from Computer Web Browser
LazyDroid is an Android application that will help 'lazy' Android phones users. This free desktop application client; LazyDroid Web Desktop, turns Android based phone into an innovative web interface. This awesome android application was developed by a Japanese person.

This is an application with remote access from/to Android mobile phones and desktop PCs. If you're currently browsing at your computer, you do not need to get up and take your phone and sending text messages. LazyDroid puts your Android phone's functions into your web browser, so you don't even need to pick your Android phone up.

There are many application that can be used to doing the connection between it phone to computer, but that's almost nothing like LazyDroid. If your Android phone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can open up your web browser and send text messages from your computer browser. Also, you can browse your phone's filesystem, edit your contacts, view gadget GPS location, and receive calls.

LazyDroid: Remote Controls Android Phone from Computer

LazyDroid Controls Your Android Phone from your computer Web Browser. All you need is just install the LazyDroid server on your Android phone and run it. Then you'll be given an IP address from which you can access your Android phone. Type that IP address into your chosen web browser. Amazing! you'll get a windows-like desktop with icons for your phone features like SMS, contacts, filesystem, even the phone camera, and other.

If you want to send an SMS, doubleclick SMS icon to access SMS interface on your phone, without even picking it up. If there is a call ringing, you'll get a notification on the LazyDroid desktop. You can use your desktop to answer your call and then talk through your phone with a Bluetooth headset. If you're not like to using your tiny phone's keyboard, this application helps you to use the computer keyboard.

LazyDroid is a free application for Android devices. If you want to use Lazydroid via USB devices instead of Wi-Fi, you can download a Windows client for that.

Download web desktop from Android market.
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