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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free Battle Game: 4 Best HD War Games from Android Market

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HD War Game on a handy device gives more fun while on the go. Thus, Many War Games are provided on Android Market, but most of them don't give high quality graphics (HD = High Definition). Here are selection of some nice and fully-entertain HD War Game for Android phone device. And, all are free!

If you value your time for things that are serious, please never even tried to play Free HD Games below. Doing this will just make you addicted to playing HD Games and forgot about your precious time.

Here are five (5) HD War Games Free App for Android mobile phone for those who like to play games in leisure times.

1. AirAttack HD Game Part 1 Free Android Application

Air Attack HD is an award winning next generation top down air combat shooter with stunning high definition 3D graphics, alongside with great audio, effects and awesome gameplay.

This game was previously provided for iPhone/iPad and was downloaded for over than 1 million from iTunes.

Air Attack HD Free Android Game Application Interface

Air Attack DH Part 1 has features:
- 3 different great missions,
- 24 different enemy types,
- 2 unique planes,
- Numerous arms upgrades and special weapons,
- Has amazing lighting and game special effects,
- Orchestral HD musics,
- 3 difficulty level,
- Realtime physics,
- Destructible bridges and buildings,
- Amazing 3D environments enhanced with LightMaps and SpecularMaps,
- 3 huge end level bosses,
- 4 types of user control: Touch, Relative, Tilt and Joypad,
- App2SD supports,
- Supported NVIDIA Tegra based devices - THD

If you like games like Swiv, Air Strike, Flying Shark, 1942, Espgaluda, Sky Force, 1943, Siberian Strike, iFighter, DoDonPachi, Warblade, this game is for you. You'll like this.

2. Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD Free Game Application for Android

Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD free game is a galactic NVIDIA® Tegra™-optimized trek of space battles and weird aliens. It's critically acclaimed and multi award-winning outer space epos for Android mobile devices. The game has been heavily optimized to utilize the eight core rendering power of Tegra’s GeForce GPU, bringing console-gaming quality to mobile devices. So it carry out HD (high definition) of grapics.

Galaxy on Fire 2 THD Game: Free App for Android

Game Story;
Starts from catapulted into a war-torn future, eminent space adventurer Keith T. Maxwell finds the galaxy at the mercy of a powerful aliens race. Uncovering the truth about this dangerous species, he boldly takes the fight to their doorstep. Join Keith in an intergalactic trek of exploration, weird aliens, pirates, space battles and romance.

Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD Free Game Application featuring a living galaxy with over 20 inhabited solar systems and 100 space stations. This Android game allows you to travel using hyperspace and wormholes to visit the far reaches of this war-torn galaxy in full console-style graphics.

This awesome story game have rich and engrossing storyline for over 10 hours of action packed gameplay. You can head off at any time on an interplanetary journey of your own design like mining asteroids, taking on mercenary missions, trading ore and supplies, working as a pirate and also manufacturing new weapons and equipment.

Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD Free Game Application: Android Interface

Features of Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD Free Game Application are;
- Huge galaxy with over 20 solar systems and beautiful
  rendered planets,
- 100 unique 3D space stations and more than 30 customizable
   space ships,
- Unique reputation and using diplomacy system,
- Story based game, with mission-based and free gameplay,
- Complex trading system with over 170 different commodities of
  all kinds,
- High quality (HD) visuals and music, full voice acting (English)
  and 3D sound,
- Action Freeze™, that are 3D screenshot tool to save screenshots
  from any perspective wanted,
- Supports up to full native 1280 x 800 pixels resolution.

Tegra Graphics features are;
- Heavily optimized to utilize the eight-core rendering power of
  Tegra’s GeForce GPU for console-gaming quality to
  mobile devices,
- All meshes recreated from scratch as if they were to be used
  for a proper console game,
- New details added to the design of each of the over 30
  spaceships and 100 space stations,
- Carefully re-painted space background images and planets
  at 2048 x 2048 pixels resolution to ensure crystal clear
  game experience even on 10 inch tablets
- Four times higher texture sizes on all in-game textures
  and four times higher polygon count on its spaceships,
  space stations, jump gates and asteroids compared to
  standard tablet versions
- Sophisticated OpenGL ES 2.0 specular and displacement
  shaders on all in-game assets

This game requires Android OS 2.2 and up with 3.9 Mb of size.

3. All My Enemies Free HD Game Application for Android

All My Enemies HD game now was provided free. It has impressive vertical space shooter, with HD (high definition) graphics and musics.
"My dear servant, as your Emperor, I have strict orders for you. You must finish all opposition to my power, you must destroy all my enemies."
In this free HD game, you must increase your rage against the rebel horde in a pure arcade/action space shooter. Here's classic space shooter with a modern touch and outstanding graphics and music. Experiences can be gained while plays. Collect gold to obtain more power ups and unleash an extreme fire power. You must defeat the bosses.

This Android Shooter Arcade Game is inspired by SHMUP games such as R-Type, Donpachi, Gradius, Ikaruga, etc..

All My Enemies Free HD Game Application Interface: only for Android

All My Enemies Free HD Game was featured with;
- Awesome HD graphics,
- Superb music and realistic 3D sound effects,
- 10 diferent levels,
- 6 Different planets,
- 6 deadly final bosses,
- 3 difficulty level options
- Loads of differents enemies ships flying in strategic formations,
- Gather bonuses and lives along with 9 weapons upgrades,
- Three modes of control: tilting, touching and Zeemote,
- Graphics quality adjustable to improve the performance in
  odd and low end Android smartphones,
- Works fullscreen on Android tablets,
- All Android screens are supported,
- APP2SD supported.

This free game also integrated with ScoreLoop online leaderboards. All My Enemies Free HD Game is an Android only and exclusive title. A cool shooter game only for the Android.

4. Space War HD Free Game Application

Space War Free is the space arcade game for Android. With your Android device, fly through the space and destroy waves of attacking aliens. Prepare for the final battle!

Space War HD: Android Free Game Application Interface

Peoples reviewes and fact said that;
- This is a cool shooter game for the Android,
- Action game that's entertaining and will challenge everyone, even the
  best gamers,
- Best Android deals recommendation,
- Over 2 million copies was downloaded, only from Android Market,
- 2 excellent HD soundtracks from Apple IIGS legend FTA,
- Supports all Android devices from Android OS 1.6 including Galaxy Tab.

Space War HD is another paid version of this game with additional features;
- Five more stages including 2 final boss battles,
- Supports Android Xoom and other Honeycomb tablets,
- Improved Galaxy Tab support, Streak 7, ViewPad and other
  Android's tablets,
- Supports future game development.

Downloads from Android Market:
- AirAttack HD Game for Android Part 1 Free Download,
- Galaxy on Fire 2™ THD Game free download for Android,
- All My Enemies HD Free Game for Android download,
- Space War Lite HD Free Game.

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