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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gigwalk iPhone App: Instant Mobile Workforce

In this online era, it's possible to do anything online. By developments of online connection, between human beings can interact virtually, not only through computers, but also through mobile devices. As now we know, many people have their jobs and livelihoods through the internet.

Gigwalk: Earn Money with iPhone(iOS)

The Gigwalk mobile workforce is a community of folks that using their iPhone to connect, freely explore, and earn as they go about their day. It help turn iPhone into second income and instantly connect businesses to the most talented members of the Gigwalk workforce to perform Gigs using the Gigwalk iPhone App. Businesses of all sizes use Gigwalk’s iPhone powered mobile workforce to capture, record, and report at a moment’s notice.

Gigwalk iPhone application, that is location-based application, allows any business to get the job done directly and can be solved virtually by anyone. The application also does not require an expertise in certain fields.

How Gigwalk applications works? That is by allowing the company to post a job along with the amount of salary offered. Some jobs will be posted on the platform e.g.;
- Verify the name of the street
  (Is this one way? or What is the street name?),
- Reported the red light cameras,
- Photographing the menu,
- Audit the customer service in a retail store,
- Type of train station or it location of entrance/exits.

Gigwalk: An Example of Online Job Result

Principally, the job can be done by utilizing the existing facilities on the iPhone (or others iOS powered) device. Tool from the device that could most widely act is the camera, it can present the report in the form of images quickly. Image reports are beyond thousand of words.

To run and uses Gigwalk iOS application, you'll need iOS version 4.2 or later on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

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