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Monday, April 11, 2011

Apple Smart Displays Technology Leaks on the Internet

Apple Smart Displays Technology Leaks
A patent for Apple hybrid screen technology is leaking on the internet. Patents has been filed two years ago. That was revealed the future generation display features of the next Apple devices.

Apple says that traditional electronic devices use a single display for outputting visual content. For example, a traditional device may include a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for outputting visual full-color content. In another example, a traditional device may include an electronic paper display for outputting black-white visual content using minimal power.

Typically, the display type in a traditional device is based on an assumption about the visual content it will most often to be displayed, because with different types of displays may be optimal in performance or efficiency, depend on its visual content. A traditional device may display multiple types of visual content even though its display may only be optimal for a single type of visual content.

An Apple patent covers systems and methods for automatic switching between an electronic paper display and a video display based on at least one feature of visual content.

Apple describes various triggers that would automatically switch the display from video to e-paper. As an example, an iPhone device may analyze visual content to determine one or more features of the visual content and then, based on the determined one or more features, display the visual content on the electronic paper display, the video display and, believe it or not, a combination thereof.

In some embodiments, an Apple composite display may include regions that could be independently switched between a portion of an electronic paper display and a portion of a video display. For example, a composite display may be divided into quadrants and each quadrant may be independently switching between a corresponding region of an electronic paper display and a corresponding region of a video display.

Gloria Lin and Andrew Hodge are the inventors of patent application 20110080417, originally filed in Q4-2009. They had been credits by Apple.


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