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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Free Blackberry Theme: Robotica

Free Blackberry Theme: Robotica QR Code
What makes a BlackBerry smartphone device special besides specifivcations and features?

It might be the new case that you purchased or it might be all your recent applications you've been obtained from the Internet. But a beautiful theme for Blackberry is what brings up it's user personality.

There are plenty of BlackBerry themes in the store and web portals. One of the best is a free Robotica theme. In this Robotica Blackberry 8900 theme, your Blackberry interface icons are replaced by robot parts.

Free Blackberry Theme: Robotica
There are another Robotica theme for Blackberry device that is created by IGDesign. But you must pay to obtain this commercial theme. This Robotica theme version plays nice with lots of BlackBerry models, both touch and non-touch friendly.

What makes a BlackBerry device special besides it's specifications and features?
The Robotica free theme proposes you a light, robotic environment that will fit perfectly with the purpose of the BlackBerry; an everyday machine that's ready to assist you with all your communication needs. And also doing this while you're on the go. Here are a few features of Robotica Blackberry theme that are waiting to be discovered;

- Sliding menu,
- Custom Icon,
- Hidden Today

When was the last time you've changed the personality of your BlackBerry smartphone with nice themes?
So, welcome robot!

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david lamp said...

I like this post ! thanks you !

You can download free blackberry themes this link !

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