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Monday, September 19, 2011

Playbook Price Cut-Off by 50%: a RIM Strategy

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After BlackBerry Playbook is only sold about 200 thousands units since its launch, Research In Motion has plans to 'clean up' all the stocks available. The Blackberry Playbook price cut is the choice taken by RIM.

Yes, BlackBerry Playbook has failed to reach its sales target of 600 thousand units, as expected RIM in the second quarter. Without Playbook price cut, at least 400 thousands units of the device are not sold. It's about US$ 400 million was held in the company inventory, which is now estimated at US$ 1.4 billions.

Playbook Price Cut-Off by 50% to Sell Unsold Devices

Quoted from the page of itnews, Monday, September 19, 2011, RIM Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Brian Bidulka said the worse thing is RIM has made a strategic investment with a high component prices for the Playbook are in limited supply.

Meanwhile, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RIM, Mike Lazaridis, said the Playbook will also perform a number of improvements, which is expected to be released in October this year, in its newest product as Playbook 2.0. These enhancements include adding native email feature (built-in email). The lack of email features previously led to speculation that RIM is in a hurry and release an unfinished product of BB Playbook 1.0, which is then connected with the BlackBerry Bridge cloud service.

Another feature that will be added including calendar, contacts, ability to support Android applications, new network features and video cloud service storage. Lazarist promised to launch the 10,000 movies and TV shows to progress BlackBerry Bridge.

However, before the latest Playbook product released out, RIM need to thinking for the solutions to sell the stocks of Blackberry Playbook tablets that are still available. For that reason, RIM also has a number of plans. Among that is "a special incentive program" (maybe includes Playbook price cut strategy) for enterprise customers and loyal users of BlackBerry.

RIM have starting another Playbook sales strategy at 'home' of their own, in Canada. Based on the report Genius Boy at BGR, RIM is working with Canadian wireless companies, Rogers, to sell their 16 GB Playbook device. Playbook price cut offered with only costs U.S. $ 249, from the normal price of U.S.$ 499 in Canada (priced by US$ 549 in Australia). This Playbook price cut is off about 50 percent from it's original price.

This Playbook price cut applies only to employees of Rogers company.

This Playbook price cut applies only to employees of Rogers company. However, this is an indication of falling prices of BB Playbook in the United States.

Source: Playbook price cut news.

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