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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7 Free QR Code Scanner and Reader Apps for Android

QR Code for 7 Free QR-Barcode Reader Apps for Android
There are hundreds of QR Code scanner and reader apps available in the market (includes from Amazon Appstore for Android). Almost all of these applications are available for free. Here are listed 6 selections of free QR Code reader apps for Android powered devices.

1. Barcode Scanner (also creator) App

Using this free app, you can do scan barcodes on products then look up for prices and reviews. Barcode Scanner App can also be used to scan Data Matrix and QR Code containing URL, contact info and soon.

Within this app, you can also share apps, contacts, and bookmarks using QR code. The QR code generated by Barcode Scanner app as well when reads.

Barcode Scanner (also creator) App: Android Interface

This app have a good integration with Google's Shopper app. You can find results for scanned barcodes in the Google's product listings. Download Google's Shopper app for more scans and search options, including image searches and 'starred' favorite products. Barcode Scanner is more than just shopping.

You can uses CTRL+F to find word or sentence in the book you're reading. If the book is archived in Google Books directory, scan it's barcode and you can find the page or content you're looking for.

Here are the features of Barcode Scanner app:
- Scan 1D or 2D barcodes,
- Easy to share contacts and links with generated barcodes,
- Searching in multiple engines; it was integrated with Google Shopper App
- Bulk scanning mode for rapid taking of multiple codes,
- Open-source, so new features evolved by community input.

2. QR Droid

QR Droid free app: Android Interface

QR Droid App Product Features are;
- Scan QR code from browser, camera, image, or SD card,
- Create QR codes quickly from bookmarks, contacts, or
  installed applications,
- Shorten long URLs before encodes it to QR,
- Use QR codes to perform any actions; call or save phone numbers,
  send e-mail, display a map, do a Google search, calendar events,
  SMS, geo-locations texts and many other tasks,
- Gives color to codes and create short URLs for any generated images,
- Share installed apps with others using generated QR links.
- Encode contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, and more,
- Assign custom logos to QR codes,
- Saves generated QR images to SD card, or send it to Twitter,
  Facebook, e-mail and more,
- Integrates with browser, contacts, gallery, third-party file explorers
  and more.

Additionally, QR Droid saves a complete history of every QR code that was created or decoded.

3. QuickMark Barcode Scanner

QuickMark Barcode Scanner App allows auto-scanning of multiple barcode formats from Android phone (QR Code, Quick Code, Data Matrix, Code39, Code128, EAN 8/13)

QuickMark Barcode Scanner free app: Android Interface

When you scan a business card QR Code, you can save it to smartphone right away. Also, when someone else asks for a contact's information, you can generate a QR Code and display it right on the mobile phone to be scanned to quickly retrieve the contact data. Just like a contact sharing, you can also share links of important websites by generating a QR Code on mobile home screen and have others scan it.

QuickMark Barcode Scanner app features listed here;
- Scan multiple barcode formats automatically,
- Access web links from given bar or QR code,
- Add contacts from QR code/barcode,
- Navigate maps, and more,
- Share scanned QR/barcode.

4. QR Scanner Search

QR Scanner Search Free App Interface on Android

QR Search Scanner app is a small, versatile and powerful productivity tool that allows users to hone and refine the search for a barcode scanner. The free app uses external barcode reader and allows users to search books and websites.

QR Scanner Search app also featured;
- Light memory consumption.

5. codeREADr App - Enterprise Barcode Scanner for Android

codeREADr app is the speedy barcode scanning app for Android's that able to scan, record, track and validate embedded data in barcodes. This app is designed for enterprises and developers, buy you can also privately use this app. codeREADr free app is popular for lead retrieval, access control, ticket validation, data collection, inventory, asset tracking, coupon/loyalty redemption programs, wholesale ordering and more.

codeREADr - Enterprise Barcode Scanner Free App Interface on Android

CodeREADr app features;
- Fast scanning for both 1D and 2D barcodes (hover scan ability),
- Data collection by community for live interaction,
- Uses the built in camera on Android device,
- Real-time recording and validation,
- Cloud computing supports for efficient scan-database management,
- Online database hosting,
- Barcode recording followed by database validation can be used
  online and offline,
- Download barcode databases to the device,
- Manual entry of barcode,
- Text or voice searches in barcode databases or from previous scans,
- Capture coordinates of scan location using GPS,
- Delete and edit data scan collections saved on-device before upload,
- Export QR code as a standard PNG or with custom branding,
- Manage customized services and users unlimited,
- Export or email scaned data,
- Data posted to/from the device is encrypted (SSL),
- Developer APIs.

To use the cloud feature, you must register an account to it's website. You can create any own scanning services with designated app usernames and passwords, you can create a free Web Services account with codeREADr app.

6. AT&T Code Scanner

AT-T Code Scanner Free App Interface on Android

AT&T Code Scanner app used to reads 2D (QR and datamatrix codes) and 1D (UPC and EAN) barcodes that can be found on products, in ads or on-line, magazines, allowing to read product reviews, compare product prices, view web sites and video clips, get coupons and discounts or learn more about any products.

This free Android app was reported running fast on reading the codes.

7. ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner app is the original barcode scanner for Android mobile devices. Within this free app, you can find the best online and local prices. Using built in device's camera, you can take any product's barcodes. After the beep, ShopSavvy will provides a list of online and local prices. This app is one of the best barcode apps for Android smartphone.

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner App Interface on Android

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner features and abilities are;

- ShopSavvy Deals (coupon codes, rebates, weekend sales, etc.) to
  save more money,
- User-Generated Content by it's community,
- Improved barcode scanning to more faster,
- Sharing with others (Facebook, Twitter and more),
- Improved searching to find products easier,
- Exporting options to take data while on the go,
- Supports iTunes File Sharing or Dropbox data backup,
- Save to CSV file to import into Microsoft Excel or Apple iWork’s.

Downloads free app:
1. Barcode Scanner App from Android Market,
2. QR Droid from Android Market,
3. QuickMark Barcode Scanner from Android Market,
4. QR Scanner Search App from Android Market,
5. codeREADr App - Enterprise Barcode Scanner from Android Market,
6. AT&T Code Scanner from Android Market,
7. ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner from Android Market.

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