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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) 6 App: to be More Social

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Social experiences will be more fun with the last version launch of Blackberry Messenger, that is BBM version 6. This application will allow BBM enthusiast to widely and easily interacts, includes to play games while chatting.

Research in Motion (RIM) fulfilling their promise to integrate social platform in BlackBerry Messenger to several third-party applications. BBM 6 features are not just exclusive to BlackBerry users, but also 'provided to' and can be used to build a more social interactions by the users in various applications.

BBM 6 Connected to Check In Through Install Foursquare Mobile App
BBM6-Connected Asks to Install Foursquare App

It's a BBM connected!
BBM 6 Connected App Logo

There are many advantages carried by BBM 6 where it is already integrated with many favorite applications. Using BBM 6, you can chat with friends while playing games or check in at Foursquare and then send notifications to friends about your whereabouts.

Through the BBM 6 app, when users download and install an application that he/she thought interesting, he can share the application to friends from his/her BBM and invite them to join to download it, straight from the application pages. Users can also invite friends to play games together without having to exit the game application.

Another feature that can be obtained from the BBM 6 is a new profile feed. These feeds will be connected to the score of the game being played, links, applications and allows other users to download applications directly from the feed.

BBM 6 can run on BlackBerry OS 5.0 and above. "BBM 6 is the beginning of the more powerful social experience for BlackBerry smartphone users," said Alistair Mitchell, VP, BBM Platform & Integrated Services of RIM, as quoted by MarketWatch on Thursday (July, 28th).

BBM 6 application became available on Thursday (28th July, 2011) and a number of applications that already supports has been available in the BlackBerry AppWorld for download and there will continue to increase.

Some applications that already supported by BBM 6 including;

- News and Sports apps; ScoreMobile, Navita Sports, Goal Mobile,
  Placar UOL, Huffington Post, Azteca Noticias,
- Travel and location; Poynt, Foursquare, Navigator, Celebrate with
  Mobiesta (app for India), Asklaila Streetsmart, Navita Translator,
- Music app; Nobex Radio,
- Games and Entertainment apps; Jingu, Backgammon King, Forces of
  War, Pocket Ants, Photo Booth, Battles on BBM, Dark Galaxy Villains,
- Finance and E-commerce apps; Mercado Livre, El Economista,
- Productivity and Collaboration app: PowWow, PowWow Premium,

Some of the local applications from Indonesia also available, such as Bouncity, Koprol, and Menoo, Gamemachi, and MiMoMachi.

BBM 6 app is available at http://us.blackberry.com/apps-software/blackberrymessenger/

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