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Monday, June 6, 2011

iOS Game: Enjoying Rediscover Music With Music-Quiz App

Rediscover Music With Music-Quiz Game App QR
Music-Quiz is a totally new way to enjoy the songs you already have. You will be given the challenge on how to know about your own music file stored on your iPhone/iPod/iPad gadget. Yes, with 4 levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane), you will be challenged on your knowledge of the musics in your library.

Enjoying Music With Music-Quiz Game App

The latest version of Music-Quiz App for iOS powered devices has many features, including:
- Facebook integration to post high scores and quiz grades.
  With tapping on your high score, choose post to Facebook,
  complete a custom quiz and select post to Facebook to show
  your grade to all your friends! You can also tap the score at the
  bottom of the screen at any time to post your score to facebook.
- Option to disable Facebook in the menu,
- Fixed the light stripes on either end of the answer list,
- When playing with a custom background the answer choices has
  a new dark color theme,
- Better looking font to the answer list and the song detail view
  when playing in "Keep Songs Playing" mode,
- After selecting the wrong answer a new checkmark will appear
  on the correct answer and an X on the incorrect answer that was chosen,
- New dark theme for the menu.

Music-Quiz Game App Options

To plays this interesting iOS game, just hit the Play button and your Off, the iPhone/iPod will randomly list songs and choose a song from that list and play it. All you have to do is tap the song that's playing before it's too late. Choose from different difficulties to test your knowledge of your own music library today. Music Quiz will only play songs that you own. If you do not have music on your device Music Quiz will not have any songs to play. Similarly, if you only have 10 songs on your device Music Quiz will only be able to quiz you on those 10 songs.

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