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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Upgrade to iOS 5 Without Developer Account

Hack Upgrade to iOS 5 Without Developer Account
Just one day, and iOS 5 has been hacked already. Gizmodo reader and Apple lover Mert Erdir has discovered how to upgrade iOS powered devices to new iOS 5 without having developer accounts. It just using a simple backdoor. Everyone can do it following these extremely simple instructions:

The method exploits a security flaw in the iTunes activation screen, apparently related to the Voice Over system. Here's how to do it.

Warning: While this operation should be simple, we are not responsible for what you do to your iPhone. Once completed, you will not be able to connect to a carrier. Proceed at your own risk.

Here are the step-by-step way to upgrade to iOS 5 without Developer Account:

1. Download the iOS 5 IPSW file from the web,
   (it's easy and readily available. Just Googling it and download with
   torrent client).
2. Update your iPhone using iTunes.
   To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer, the click on the
   Check for Update button with the Option (Mac) or Shift (PC) key
   pressed. Select the iOS 5 IPSW file from download path.
3. Wait until it upgrades. A new activation screen will appear.

Hack Update to iOS 5 Without Developer Account

To have your iOS 5 can be used, you must Activate iOS 5 with the following steps:

1. Triple click the home button. This will activate the Voice Over.
2. Triple click the home button and Emergency Call will appear.
3. Click on Emergency Call and, while it's switching, swipe with your three
   fingers down.
4. The Notification Center will appear!
5. Click on the Weather widget. The Weather application will load,
6. Click on the home button to exit to the iPhone's springboard.

That's it. Your iPhone is activated and fully operative. Enjoy and thank Mert Erdir for this clever link. He has this words to say:

My will is not to do something harmful to anyone, I just wanted to get the attention of Apple, the company I'm in love with; and maybe one day have a chance to talk to/meet Steve Jobs himself. You can reach me on Twitter for further questions.
I found this because I don't have much cash to get an IOS Developer account, so donations for a young developer will be appreciated. They can be made on my blog (not in english). You'll see the PayPal donate button on the right. Thanks!

So send the kid some dollars so he can become a pro developer. With his patience and creativity finding this iOS 5 backdoor, he will do a great job.

Little edited from Gizmodo


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