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Friday, July 22, 2011

Wizcode Photocopy Android App: Turn Phone into Photo Copy Machine

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Wizcode Photocopy Android free-application maybe the most efficient and simplest method of converting any paper based documents into portable PDF files. It can take a photo/picture and then convert it to a compact PDF document.

Wizcode Photocopy app works by using built-in Android's camera to scan paper documents while on the go or user can just take pictures and then have them easily converted to compact PDF files. It can also load images from internal mobile device's storage or SD card to combine them with a scanned document. Using Wizcode Photocopy Android, you can combine multiple documents and/ images into a single PDF file.

Wizcode Photocopy Android App Interface Makes Phone a Photo Copy Machine

After you create compact PDF documents from scanned papers/images, then your can share them with your contacts, instantly by using email from within the application. As a digital form, portable PDF files can be saved anywhere, includes into any external storage in purposes of digital backup or archiving.

Here are the things can you do using Wizcode Photocopy Android app:

- Scan document papers/images using device's camera,
- Photocopy text and every printed materials,
- Convert images to digital PDF files,
- Import images from SD card or device storage,
- View, rotate, zoom or crop images,
- Insert blank pages into created PDF document,
- Change the pages order,
- Create a high quality PDF file from image,
- Create digital PDF photo albums,
- Save PDF files to the device's storage,
- Read PDF files with default PDF application on Android's,
- Directly send PDF files by email and share them with others.

This Productivity tool application requires Android OS version 2.1 or later.

Download Free Wizcode Photocopy Android from it's Market

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