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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Free Speed Brain App: Improves Mental Processing Speed

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Maybe you are having fun with flexibly install and use any game apps on your Android mobile device. But if there's an application, called Speed Brain, offers more within it's game app, why you don't take advantages of your Android smartphone? This free app coming from Luminosity can acts as a Brain Trainer aid.

Luminosity Speed Brain Game App: Brain Allocation-Partition Areas

Lumosity.com from Lumos Labs, Inc. grounds all of its brain exercises from any extensive researches using cutting-edge sciences from around the world. The company has their neuro-scientists team called Scientific Advisory Board, consists of researchers from any leading institutions such as UCSF and Stanford, that giving guidance in designing the training programs.

Using novel, engaging and constantly adapting challenges, Lumosity exercises targets brain as a memory onto strategic areas, attention and processing speed. They researches realized in the form of brain game applications. Of course, the game app produced will give some noticeable cognitive benefits.

Speed Brain Game App for Android - Mental Training Interface

Lumosity was received praise from many users, includes doctors, scientists and many opinion-leader media. They has been incorporated in the European Space Agency’s Mars500 program, a simulated trip to Mars planet. Many doctors was started urging patients to use Lumosity app to enhance cognitive functions. It's very useful especially if the patients suffer from traumatic injuries or other bad neuro-physiological conditions.

"I had a brain tumor with subsiquent brain surgury. Luminosity thank you for making this game available it has helped me immensly". Anita H.

The Speed Brain app for Android smartphones is useful to sharpen your mind with lot of fun as it was scientifically tested. Speed Brain app provides a mental workout to improves the information processing speed and to react to.

When were we use Speed Brain game for?
The application very useful to;
- Speed up the thinking process,
- Gives a quick reaction time,
- Reaches peak performance of Mental and Brain,
- Accelerates cognitive processes.

Speed Brain game app requires Android OS version 1.5 or above. It's 100% free.

So, let's challenge your brain processing speed abilities with this free scientific game app!

Download for free: Speed Brain Android app from the Market.

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