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Friday, July 22, 2011

SlingMail Provides More Secure Email Messaging in Blackberry

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SlingMail is a third-party, the most secure encrypted messaging provider for Blackberry mobile devices. SlingMail does securing email messages using specially designed mobile-to-mobile encryption that occurs on the communication using Blackberry smartphones.

SlingMail International Inc. is a company that offers and supports data security protection with wireless technologies. They have been a solid provider of end-to-end encryption via a wireless device for years, since founded in 2002. SlingMail stated that they have perfected the technique of wireless encryption over BlackBerry mobile smartphones.

SlingMail: Provides More Secure Email Message on Blackberry Mobile Device

SlingMail was emerged is based on the trust that every user should have the power to controls who can access their personal information. Also that your safety and privacy is a right, not a luxury. SlingMail global services meets the needs of security level required by both private or organization.

The products was used by many organizations, like government agencies, high-network, large corporations, individuals and also celebrities. Recently, SlingMail Inc. claims that SlingMail products was used by mainstream market.

SlingMail product for BB mobile device has multiple security features and protocols to ensure safe, anonymous and highly secure transmission between Blackberry phone devices. These nifty features are very important for users who deal with sensitive information or also for anyone who want to keeps their peace of mind.

The general features of SlingMail App for Blackberry device are;

✓ Advanced encryption that surpasses the industry standard,
Messages that are sent from SlingMail user's client app are encrypted with 2 full levels of AES256 encryption. All email messages and data that pass through the SlingMail's servers are encrypted using 4,096 bit encryption level.

Encrypted Email Message in Blackberry Phone With SlingMail
✓ Data on SlingMail servers has a very short life span
All of users data is securely wiped out from SlingMail servers every 10 minutes. Next to enhance security, only seconds after an encryption key is sent to users, the key is then removed without leaving any traces.

Sending More Secure Email on Blackberry Using SlingMail
User's Encryption Key Trace not Exist in the Server
✓ Based in a jurisdiction not subject to legislation to keep/release data
SlingMail are not permitted to keep any records of communications sent on our system. Users would never need to worry that someone will somehow get any information year by year from now.
✓ Security measures are further protected in a 100% closed system
All network server systems are subject to attack. Using a closed system, SlingMail greatly reduce the 'attack surface'. Secondly SlingMail team has a better ability to monitor any 'untoward activities'.

Although the price for Blackberry mobile packages is quite expensive, it's suit the security level that users could get. Its costs started from $91.11 for a month. Multiple plans can be configured to meet the security requirement for any individuals, small business or large organization.

Here are the key features of SlingMail;

- Encrypted Emails; SlingMail service uses an encryption type called a
  private key. Without this, the encrypted content is extremely difficult
  to extract.
- VPN Service; creates a secure connection via a public network such as
  the internet or via private network by a service provider. VPN is using
  sophisticated encryption to ensure security.
- Closed Network; a closed network to refers to a private network only
  used by authenticated authorized devices, outsider is prohibited.
- Remote Wipe; primarily designed to overcome the situation when the
  device was stolen or falls into the wrong hands. It's can also used by
  a company on their employee's mobile devices when for a reason the
  company needs to ensure that the data is no longer on the phone.
- Live and Email Support; provided to assist clients with questions
  or technical support.
- Security Tokens; a small hardware device that the owner carries to
  authorize access to a network service according to it's user personal
- International Roaming Package; an in-house unlimited International
  mobile data service as an added security.
- Priority case handling; SlingMail offers technical response in 60 minutes.

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