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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Neatcall, Free Mobile Scheduler and Communicator on Android and Blackberry

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Neatcall Ltd. stated that their app has a focused mission to provide the fastest collaboration, through any type of online and offline communication, on a unified user friendly platform.

Then, why did this article title not includes iOS platforms? Whereas this application also supports the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

When this post was written, the NeatCall application link into iTunes has been dead. Could this application is blocked by Apple? Unfortunately, we do not know. In the other times, may it'll be available again.

Neatcall Free Communicator App for iPhone
                        Neatcall App Interface on iPhone

Neatcall app is an easy to use solution to speed up communication between peoples. Neatcall Personal Mobile Communicator, Initiator and Scheduler application for mobile smartphone allows users to find and explores the optimal time allocation for any interactions and to connect all users from each preferred communication tool.

The personal scheduling software is very innovative that specifically designed for business peoples to effectively using their precious time on coordinating meetings and conference calls. The Mobile application also allows any users to make a choice form different timeslot options. Then they can decide whether they wish to arrange a textual chat, face-to-face meeting, audio conference, phone call, video conference or web conference.

Neatcall Free Communicator App: Blackberry Interface

Neatcall App Interface on Blackberry Smartphone

The Neatcall free application quickly locates the optimal timeslot to initiate the meeting. Users can contact the administrator by email, Web, and SMS through any cell phone. The Neatcall application will automatically update participant's calendars. Before the scheduled interaction performed, a reminder is sent to all attendees included and the system will offers to connect.

Neatcall Personal Mobile Communicator, Initiator and Scheduler application main functions are:

✓ Scheduling for communication events

From face-to-face meetings, phone or conference calls, to web based collaboration (chat rooms, web meetings or video conferences), all can be conducted neatly and easily. When reaching, even, one individual person can sometimes be a challenge, this Communicator app is very helpful. Also, to setting up an event with multiple invitees can really complex enough, and take a long time to initiate, while business problems require much faster reaction.

✓ The actual communication

To meet peoples somewhere, or to make a simple phone call, we need no special technology. But all-in-one dedicated tools for any other communication types (e.g. conference call, video conference, web meeting or chat rooms) is indispensable. Neatcall provides answers to unify all these tools in one comprehensive platform. This app also includes the scheduling process as well with a full integration.

Neatcall Free Communicator App for Android
               Neatcall App Interface on Android Smartphone

The Neatcall app's main functions above are supported by special features;

- Scheduling with multiple optional timeslots by one simple message,
- Schedule meetings directly from any mobile phones (iPhone,
  Android and Blackberry)
- Speed Mode Reply™, send fast invitations (by email or SMS),
- Automatically collects responses (including SMS responses),
- Analyzes replies and recommends an optimal time slot,
- Fully synchronized with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook
- Accurately handles time zones,
- Dynamic and effective on handling 'must be' peoples,
- Full integration with the scheduling system,
- Sends reminders (SMS, email, WAP) when events are about to begin,
- Connection can take place with one click, because communication
  information (like room number, links to chat room, web meetings
  and video conferencing) is embedded in invitations and reminders,
- All communication types reside on the same platform,
- No need to install and maintain (Software as a Service (SaaS)),
- High sound and picture quality on online conference,
- United management console makes it easy to manage,
- Use only the communication types that really need (modularity),
- Secure and full privacy because is encrypted,

The Neatcall Communicator app services for full web based scheduling, including scheduling from phone and from the web is unlimited for free. While for any other nifty features (Microsoft Outlook plugin, unlimited voice conferencing, messaging chat rooms, unlimited web meetings and video conferencing), you must pay the appropriate price.

- Neatcall from Blackberry Appworld,
- Neatcall on Android Market,
- Neatcall for iPhone (currently not available).

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