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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

iPhone 4 Fall from 13,000 ft Height and Still Works (and Durable iPod Video)

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Jarrod McKinney, a skydiver from Minnesota, was surprised when he discovered his iPhone 4 is still functioning. Though, his Apple device had been fallen from his pocket, when he parachuted from a height of 13,500 feet or about 4,115 meters.

At first, Jarrod keep the iPhone in his pocket when going skydiving with his wife. Unconsciously, his pocket left open. When landing, Jarrod was then reached in and did not find an iPhone in his pocket. Jarrod then thought to have lost his Apple Smartphone. Although already resigned, Jarrod was then trying to figure out where the iPhone was dropped.

Then, by using iPad and open the Find My iPhone application on this tablet device, Jarrod then locates where did the iPhone had fallen. With GPS signals, it is known that the iPhone was fell on the roof of the building, not far from the landing location. iPhone was later found. Under the cracked condition throughout the iPhone surface (includes the screen), Jarrod and his friends were very surprised to get his smartphone is still on, and even active.

Broken iPhone 4 Because Falls is Still Functioning

With fad, skydiving instructor who is also Jarrod friend, Joe Johnson, tried to dial the broken iPhone. Their shock increases, because the smartphone was still ringing when it has been contacted. Jarrod and friends around were screaming and disbelief; "Still active, still active!".

It's reasonable if Jarrod was surprised because previously his iPhone surface was cracked due to slammed in the bathroom by his 2 years old son. "At the time I thought, 'oh, just punch like that can make cracked'," said Jarrod.

This certainly proved that the Apple's iPhone device has a powerful durability to shocks that hard though.

In some earlier news, there are some kids playing with the iPod Touch. They tried to destroy an iPod just to test the resilience with a variety of ways, including by way of running over iTouch with a skateboard, tossed it onto the roof to falls to the ground again and then beats with a baseball bat. But in that way iPod remain durable.

                        Strong resistance of iTouch
Although eventually the iPod exploded, because it was 'severely tortured' and so shattered, but from the video can be concluded that these Apple iPod Touch devices has a strong resistance.

So, is it true that any Apple devices are strong and shock-resistant?

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