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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Astrid, An Android Task/Todo Manager Will Comes on iPhone

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Astrid is a mobile social networking with to-do list that helps individuals and groups keep organized, get more done and have fun in it's processes. The app has long provided for free on Android Market. After they'd receive seed funding from Google Ventures and Nexus Partners, on July 12, the Astrid application will soon available for iOS platform (iPod, iPad and of course iPhone).

The app allows users to share tasks with friends, which gives them an added bit of societal pressure that’s potentially more compelling than a typical task reminder. And in an interesting twist, friends would occasionally help him out with tasks if they saw he was overloaded. Astrid app for Android was aimed to reshape task management.

Astrid productivity app for Android can generates sleek to-do lists. This app has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times in the past year and it has also 250 thousands more of monthly active users. It also successfully helped people's tasks with 24 million completed tasks.

What makes Astrid different from other task managers is it ability to do seamless synchronization to cloud-based task manager Remember the Milk. The synchronization can performed in the background or with using the Sync button. Astrid also places itself in notification area when a task is due. The app will then literally forces to head over to the task to get rid of the forcing alert; a nagging squid-like icon. You must doing the task and can't just easy hit Clear Notifications.

Astrid, Android Task/Todo Manager Interface

Essentially, Astrid is an open source to-do list manager and task tracking system designed to help user get stuff done. It has many features including reminders, sync, widget, lists, optional instant notifications, task sharing and more.

Here are the features and ability list of Astrid App for Android:
- Sync with it Astrid.com portal (free to share lists and assign tasks),
- Sync with Google Tasks (using the official API),
- Super fun reminders,
- Syncs with Producteev.com,
- Custom filters,
- Create any tasks stuff for households or couples,
- Work teams can share action items and set up office chores,
- Think of some small things to improve workspace,
- Coordinate an event with friends,
- Get help with a longstanding project,
- Challenge each other to go running or eat healthier,
- Much more.

There are also a locale add-on and locale Astrid that can notify users based on their locations. This ability can remind you, for example to buy pizza when you're near a Pizza Huts.

Downloads for free;
- Astrid Productivity App from Android Market,
- Astrid for iPhone (not yet available).

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