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Monday, July 18, 2011

5 More Android Features on the Next iPhone 5

No QR Code: iOS 5 Features Look Like or Copy Catting Android's
Apple has announced that iOS 5 is scheduled for release this fall, probably with the newly iPhone 5. But the Android users doesn't need to wait, like the iPhone fans. Right now, Android users can have many of features those eventually available on iOS 5. It's seems that Apple performs a little copy-catting.

Here are top 5 list of future iOS 5 features that seems to imitate features of Android platform. It's coincidental that there are two almost the same at one time. So, don't expect that this to be habit.

1. Cloud Sync Feature

iPhone's iOS Will Uses Android Cloud Synchronization Feature

iPhone users had pseudo-sync with MobileMe, in which Apple is retiring. But it was nothing like what Google offers Android users. On Android phones, signing into the Google account automatically syncs up all the search and it's huge information services. Also, when switching phones also restores apps, settings and personalized features, like desktop wallpaper. Using iCloud within iOS 5, iPhone users will get most of these sync benefits that Android users have long enjoyed.

2. Notifications Bar

iOS 5 Copycatting Android's Notification Bar at The Top Homescreen

Apple's iOS 5 gets kudos for a better presentation, but Google's had the concept first. Android's best user interface feature is the notifications bar at the top of the phone device's home screen. Instead of annoying notifications that interrupt or lost in numerical count on an app in another screen, now, iPhone users can enjoy the convenience of notifications has collected in one place and pulled down for easy reference. Google has been warned that lots of would be iPhone switchers who stick with Android because of the differ in notifications.

3. Over-the-air (OTA) Upgrade Capability

iOS 5 Like iPad 4.3.4 to Follow Android's OTA Method on Upgrade

Apple has made iPhone and their idevices as slaves to iTunes desktop app for a long time. How ridiculous that iPhone users should have to plug in to a computer to does an update. Android users have long enjoyed the convenience of OTA feature. Now, it was proved that Apple has made OTA update on their newly iOS 4.3.4 firmware.

4. Photos and Videos Sharing

Twitter Photos Videos Sharing iPhone iOS5 Like Android

Android users are very familiar with many benefits on using an open system. Here's the developers are allowed to tap deeply into the platform capabilities. On Android devices, from the photo gallery or direct camera, you can send photos to any supported service that was installed on the phone. So if you want to take photos and send to Twitter, Android let's you doing that directly from the camera. But none with iOS; Apple presents any sharing options for its services, none for the others.

In the iOS 5, that's will be change. Photo sharing will be available from the camera and photo gallery.

5. Twitter and Social Networking Connection

iPhone's iOS Uses Android Connect Feature

Twitter Will Be Integrated in iOS 5: Just Like Android Feature

On Android's powered, Twitter is perhaps one from much of good things. For people who wants to sync Twitter with their contacts, like many other apps, it can tap deep into the Android system, just like photo sharing mentioned above. Apple has now following Google. When Android users can tweet from some apps, like the browser and Youtube, this capability will also available for iPhone users when Twitter being integrated into iOS 5.

Reference: Betanews.

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