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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

News: GooApple 3G, Android Powered 'iPhone'

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iPhone 4 is the most popular smartphone in the world. With an expensive price, not everyone can afford to owns this Apple devices. But there is an iPhone 4 look-alike device which is powered by Google's Android OS and carries a cheaper price?

GooApple 3G, Android Powered 'iPhone' Home Screen

It is GooApple, and was made by Chinese. Yes, there are many iPhone 4 imitations in China, but 8 out of 10 iPhone imitation from China are bad in operating system software. They just don't have, even, the lowest iPhone qualifications to be compared to. No one like GooApple 3G, which have iPhone 4 same look, the same soul. This amazing iPhone 4 look-alike is powered by Android OS, but it looks and acts precisely to Apple iOS.

GooApple 3G, Android Powered 'iPhone' Rear and Back View

Brought by GooApple, this iPhone 4 knockoff, GooApple 3G, is really a pretty bad-ass. It boasts a 3.5 inch touch capacitive display, high speed WCDMA 3G connectivity support, Wi-Fi client access, GPS, 5 Megapixel of rear camera resolution. This device supported by Qualcomm CPU with 3D acceleration supports.

The phone measures is 9.3 mm in it's thickness. This size is exactly the same as Apple’s iPhone 4 device dimension. GooApple device comes with an exclusive stainless steel frame. And the most interesting is that the phone covered within two glossy panels of alumino-silicate glass. GooApple has also stereo speakers. It powered with deeply modified Android 2.2 operating system and provides handy additional features, such as a WiFi hotspot connection, Bluetooth or USB data transfer, gravity/proximity/light sensor and electronic compass.

Sure, GooApple is an Android based phone which is an iPhone knock-off device!

Permalink: News: GooApple 3G, Android Powered 'iPhone'

Permalink: News: GooApple 3G, Android Powered 'iPhone'


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