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Friday, April 8, 2011

iLunascape: About Helping Japanese

iLunascape browser QR Code
Lunascape browser is a three engine powered browser. However, iLunascape that is available for iPhone and iPad is not three engine. It use Webkit engine. This browser is very powerful with desktop-style tabbed browsers. This also uses an unique InReach Interface that locates tabs and menus down near the bottom within easy reach of your hands.

iLunascape Browser for iPad
Although Lunascape is the powerful browser for both desktop and mobile gadget (for iOS named iLunascape), if you download it via the App Store then you are not just going to use it. This is not only about using a powerful web browser, but if you download the iLunascape through AppStrore then this means that you have helped the Japanese earthquake.

For every free download of iLunascape browser, Lunascape Corporation will additionally donate 50 yen, up to 5 million yen. Sort of match up, but you don’t pay a penny. This campaign lasts for a month from March 17. Then this will be up to April, 16th 2011

If you want to know, here are some of the features of iLunascape browser:
  • Share URL with others by Twitter, Facebook and/or email,
  • Open bookmarks in new tab option in the Settings,
  • Firefox Sync 1.6 support to sync the Online Bookmarks between iLunascape and Firefox,
  • Save Image by holding on an image,
  • Support Bookmarklet,
  • Open links within iframe,
  • Multi-language support,
  • Unique InReach Interface,
  • Groups tabs and most buttons at bottom of screen for easy access,
  • Real tabbed browsing,
  • Easy and quick to switch between tabs with a tap or by sliding a finger over tabs,
  • Search results can be set to open as a new tab,
  • Holding a link provides options to open in the current tab, new tab or background tab,
  • Save session,
  • Screen capture,
  • The screenshots are automatically stored in the iPad’s Photos application,
  • Fast and smooth scrolling,
  • Easy bookmarking, add a bookmark with a tap,
  • Rotation lock.
For iPhone download at iTunes.
For iPad download at iTunes.
All is free.

This post was corrected due to a mistake. Thanks to sakikolunascape for the correction.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting about iLunascape and our Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief fund-raising campaign. The Lunascape browser (for PC) is a triple-engine browser, however the iLunascape is not. They have different product concepts as of now, but offers a sync features thru utilizing the Firefox Sync.Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

admin said...

thanks for the correction Mr. Sakiko.
the wrong will be corrected shortly.

i hope Japanese will quickly recover any lost and rise again.

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