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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Upgrade and Maintain Jailbreak on iPhone, iTouch and iPad (from iOS 4.x to iOS 5 beta 3)

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For you who wants to upgrade iOS 4.x on the iPhone, iPad or iTouch to iOS 5, it is better to wait until Apple released the final version of iOS 5. However, the current iOS 5 is still in beta version. According to Apple website, iOS 5 final golden-master will coming this fall. 'Final golden master' is used by Apple as the general availability release.

If you still want to jailbreak iOS 5 beta on iDevice, here we will go.

To have iOS 5 beta installed on Apple idevice, make sure you have at least one of the following iOS's device: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 GSM, iPhone 4 CDMA, iPod Touch (3rd generation), iPod Touch (4th generation), iPad and iPad 2. The current iOS firmware that exist on your device must be version 4.x.x. If you already have all of these things, then we can upgrade to iOS 5 beta and then doing jailbreak toward them.

Upgrade from iOS 4 to iOS 5 and Maintain Jailbroken State

Then, the very first in the processes to maintain jailbroken state is to upgrade existing iOS 4.x's jailbreak to iOS 5 beta. As your device's iOS was jailbroken, you must aware to not directly update the existing jailbroken device into iOS 5 beta. Doing this would make your iDevice loses approx 500 Mb of storage spaces. You must restore to it's original iOS first.

To upgrade a jailbroken Apple iDevice, please refers to: "Upgrade Jailbroken iPhone, iPod or iPad to iOS 5 Beta 2 on Windows". Carefully follow instructions provided within that post to have a successful iOS 5 beta update.

Please note, that iPhone/iPod/iPad jailbreak on iOS 5 beta is still tethered. What is tethered jailbreak?

To doing jailbreak on iPhone's iOS 5 beta we will need the following software;
- Latest Redsn0w version 0.9.8 beta 2,
- Latest iTunes iTunes 10.5 Beta 3,
- iOS 5 Beta 3 firmware IPSW, for who does not have a developer account,
  you can finds direct iOS 5 b3 download link from this post.

Direct download links provided at the bottom of this posts.

Please remember that pre-release beta versions (pre golden-masters) are provided for Apple developers only. For you, who not accustomed to the drawbacks, buggies within beta software, we advise stay away from this iOS 5 beta firmware. But, if you would see for yourself what changes Apple has made, you can try this out with all the risks.

Jailbreak on iPhone's iOS 5 beta: Redsnow

Before you start jailbreaking device's iOS 5 beta, first get the UDID of your device registered. The process to jailbreak iOS 5 beta 3 using redsn0w is very easy.

Here are all you need to do in order to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that was previously successful in running iOS 5 beta 3 upgrade;

- Open Redsn0w 0.9.8 b2 that was downloaded in zip file
- Choose to Install Cydia then click the Next button on Redsnow,
- Switch off iPhone, iTouch or iPad before performing the Jailbreak,
- Now enter iDevice into DFU Mode,
  (Press and hold both the Power and Home button for 10
  seconds, then release Power button and keep holding on
  Home button for more 10 seconds. Or refer here on how to
  Entering DFU Mode
- Get the firmware with just Browse redsn0w 0.9.8 b2 to
  iOS 5 beta IPSW firmware when prompted.
- Now iDevice going on processes into tethered jailbreak
  for iOS 5 beta 3. Be patience till jailbreak process completed.

For a complete guide in using Redsn0w to do the jailbreak, please see a post about Jailbreak on Windows here.

Direct download links:
- Redsnow 0.9.8b2 zip for Windows,
- iTunes iTunes 10.5 Beta 3 (win32) torrent,
- iTunes iTunes 10.5 Beta 3 (win64) torrent,
- iOS 5 beta 3 iPhone 3GS IPSW direct links,

Other iOS 5 beta 3 IPSW direct download links:

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