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Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Cities with 3D Buildings View in Google Maps App for Android

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Lately in 2010, Google was firstly announced 2 significant features on Google Maps App; 3D interaction and offline reliability. Google was rebuilt their Mobile Maps App using vector graphics to dynamically draw the map as when it was used. At that time, these Maps provides 3D Vector in few cities; such as New York City, Zurich, Milan.

On July 19, 2011 Google has been adding more cities which you can finds 3D building features, that are London, Paris, Barcelona, Boulder, Lisbon, Singapore, Stockholm and other 11 major cities in South Africa. To enjoys the 3D building views you don’t need to update the Google Maps app. Just open Google Maps mobile application on Android 2.1 or later, zoom in to a city with 3D buildings to see the stunning scenery.

Google Map Free App With 3D Building Views in More Cities

3D (Vector) Maps features on Android powered devices only supports appropriate hardware. Following here are Android devices list that supports dynamic map drawing with 3D interaction feature and offline reliability in Google Maps for Android 5.0. Because of hardware limitations, some Android devices may not fully supports two-fingers rotation. Generally, most of recently Android device types (2010 and later) support all features, whereas older smartphone may not.

Fully supported devices including supports to panning, tilting, zooming, and fingers rotating gestures are;
- Samsung Nexus S,
- Samsung Galaxy S,
- HTC Incredible,
- HTC G2,
- Motorola Droid,
- Motorola Droid 2,
- Motorola Droid X.

While list below are partially supported devices (all features are supported, except for two finger rotation) include:
- HTC Desire,
- LG Ally,
- Sony Ericsson X10,
- HTC Nexus One.

Google Map Free App With Navigation, Places, Latitude, Traffic Features

Please to note that:
- Gestures may not work on all Android devices,
- Rotating gestures requires minimum Android version 2.2,
- The devices list above is incomplete and may change in the future
   as new Android smartphones are available.

Google Map Free App With Places Feature to Finds Restaurants, Bars, ATMs, Hotels and So on

Here are main functionality features of Google Maps app for Android that are not available in the Apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows smartphone;
- Tilt; explore the map in 3D,
- Navigation; free, voice guided GPS navigation system,
  Voice search also available for Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows.
- Places; find, rate, and get recommendations for places,
- Smooth zooming; see the map at the exact zoom level,
- Offline reliability; most used areas were preloaded in the background,
- Offline rerouting; automatically by Google Maps Navigation (Beta),
  even if the connection is lose after starting a route,
- Rotate; look at the map with different perspectives,
- Compass mode; reorient on the map (also available for iPhone).
- Latitude; see friends on the map and check in at places,
  (available for all devices)

Twisting and drag-down two fingers will gives you easy ability on using these features. Kindly see the video below on how using finger gestures in the Google Maps mobile app for Android smartphone.

Other than mentioned above are many features also available. You can point here to learn more about any features of Free Google Maps application for mobile smartphone devices.

Download Google Maps App for free from Andorid Market.

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