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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Game: GRave Defense HD for Android

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There are many tower defense game such as Pokemon Tower Defense or HexDefense. Both are popular tower defense game on Android Market. Grave Defense HD is another Tower Defense Game with combination of cool animated game and it comes in HD (High definition).

Grave Defense HD Game is the next evolution of tower defense games for the mobile platform. It takes the best qualities from other tower defense games and adds many new features as well. Grave Defense HD Game comes with an oldschool hardcore theme. The game comes with all the levels on Grave Defense Gold. GRave Defense Silver campaign coming in future updates. Also larger and more beautiful look and challenging multi-screen levels. It's one of must have games for your Android device.

Interface: GRave Defense HD Game for Android

In this lovely game, you act as a commander of forces that are facing invasion of cruel mutants. Your mission is to protect civilians in the city and suburbs from being killed by marauding mutants. The arsenal availability consists of many different types of weapons that can be upgraded as necessary.

New Features of GRave Defense HD Game for Android devices:
- Amazing high resolution graphics. All levels, towers, mutants, special effects and achievements are in HD (High Definition).
- New achievements, enemies and towers,
- New military ranks,
- Survival mode,
- More tower upgrades,
- Earn more points and get the high score,
- Online ranking system,
- Four difficulty modes (from Casual to Insane),
- Visible monster paths. Now see where creeps are going to travel,
- Visible tower states and cooldowns, improved tower states prompt an ever-changing battle plan,
- Displays money earned for each creep killed,
- New and improved UI (user interface) changes;
  improved in-battle HUD, animated briefings,
  convenient level selection, better help system,
  towers change their appearance with updates,
  various gameplay balance improvements.

To play Grave Defense HD flawlessly you need an Android device with minimum RAM 384 MB and 800×480 pixel display resolution. Grave Defense HD 1.0 apk file works fine on devices with Android 2.1 and higher version.

There is a FREE trial version available on the Android Market.

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