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Friday, June 17, 2011

DataBackup App: Blackberry SD Card Backup

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Backing up all databases on the Blackberry is very important to anticipate the occurrence of device hangs, so it can be recovered. The standard way of doing backups is to use the Blackberry Desktop Manager. But that is a problem if you do not have a PC or did not get to use a PC at home.

If you are always mobile, you can use DataBackup Blackberry application to back up your databases through the BlackBerry handheld and save the backed up data into Secure Digital (SD) card. This Blackberry backup application will do backup for the following data:
- Contacts,
- Memos,
- Tasks,
- Calender events,
- Emails saved.

DataBackup App: Blackberry Data Backup

The thing to consider is that DataBackup Blackberry application does not backup the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) data. Use the "Back Up Contact List" from the latest version of Blackberry Messenger ( ) to backup your Blackberry Messenger database into a media card or just do a remote backup.

New features from the latest Beta version (0.0.4 or Beta 3) of DataBackup Blackberry app are:
- Backup and restore operation for Tasks list,
- Individual calendar events backup & restore,
- Emails backup & restore,
- Optional backup location: choose the backup directory,
- Media card and internal memory are supported for backup,
- Automatic detection for which content to be restored from a backup.
- Restore selections: choose which data to restore,
- Shows progress bar during backup,
- Step by step backup and restore screens,
- Improved user interface,
- New app icon,
- Adjustable font size over all screens,
- Popped up progress bars,
- Simplified screen layout in operations.

DataBackup App: Blackberry SD Card Backup

- BlackBerry® devices: 85xx/Curve Series, 89xx/Curve Series,
  90xx/Bold Series, 91xx/Pearl Series, 95xx/Storm Series,, 96xx/Tour Series and
  97xx/Bold Series.
- Make sure your BlackBerry® is running BlackBerry® OS 4.6 or higher.

Download java (.jad) OTA here.
How to install Java (.jad) OTA on Blackberry device?

Permalink: DataBackup App: Blackberry SD Card Backup

Permalink: DataBackup App: Blackberry SD Card Backup


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